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The road to success – a blockchain solution for the future

Having a good idea is one thing, implementing it and making others see the value of it is something completely different. Keypasco has a fantastic idea for solving some of the major blockchain issues, and a plan on how to engage millions of people. One thing is for sure, it is a much-needed solution and the goal is very achievable.

Let us start with the easy part – the idea. All ideas have sprung from a problem needing to be solved. In this case the main problem is how to keep your private key safe. Both from self-inflicted carelessness, and from others who want to steal what is yours. Keypasco also found two other things that needed to be fixed. How can you be anonymous and still be recognized online, and how can you make a small immediate payment – at a low administrative cost?

Keypasco converted all of these problems into one solution – the Superwallet. The Superwallet solves the issues concerning secure private key storage & recovery, anonymous & known user identification, and micropayments. Since the technique behind the solution is based on the already existing Keypasco security solution, which has proven to be extremely reliable, the solution even includes an insurance to cover eventual loss.

So, on to the big question, how does Keypasco plan to make people use their solution?

Keypasco’s blockchain solution, the Superwallet, consists of three parts. Each part has enormous potential, and combined the outcome can be even greater.

The first step was to set the ambitious goal, 5 million active users within 18 months. Maybe not immediate world dominance, but a good bit on the way. The important thing is however that it is very achievable. This is how:

Part 1: Blockchain Private Key Storage & Recovery. Goal: 1 million users.

You need your private key to access your digital assets. The problem is that if someone else has access to your private key, they can do whatever they want with these assets. Something first-time investors might not know or think about, is that unlike assets in a traditional bank, a cryptocurrency wallet is usually not protected or insured by a third party. If a private key changes ownership, the assets connected to it will follow. This is a huge problem that needs to be solved.

Most solutions try to solve the problem by adding additional layers like hardware devices, OTP, SMS, etc. Keypasco, however, solves the problem at its core – by not storing the private key. In this way there is simply nothing to steal or lose. The private key is kept safe, yet easy to use, and enables a backup and recovery process without any security risks.

There is a great need and demand for secure private key storage. Today there are approximately 25 million blockchain wallet users. To quickly attract at least one million new customers, Keypasco is about to sign an agreement with one of the world’s leading insurance companies. The first million users will be provided with an insurance to cover a possible loss. This can be done thanks to the proven reliability of the Keypasco Solution.

If you are choosing between two solutions – why not choose the one with the insurance? Especially when it is more convenient, secure, and provided at a lower cost.

Part 2: KeypascoID, Federated SSO (Single Sign On). Goal: 3 million users.

One of the benefits and challenges of blockchain is that you are anonymous. When using online services, there is a need to be able to be identified both anonymously, and non-anonymously.  Another challenge is for the end-users to remember all the usernames and passwords to all the online services they use.

The second part of the Superwallet solution, the KeypascoID, is a federated SSO that can be used for all types of online services, from accessing social media accounts to signing transactions. The blockchain-based solution combines anonymity and known identification in the same ID-solution. The end-user only needs one KeypascoID. This user-friendly solution allows the end-user to be protected and anonymous whenever they want to, and securely identified when they need to.

The traditional Keypasco Solution already has over 2 million active users. By offering all of them the new KeypascoID, free of charge, the amount of users will grow rapidly. This is a win-win collaboration for everyone.

Part 3: Anonymous micropayment. Goal: 1 million users.

Free and independent media is threatened in many ways. One big challenge is how to get paid for online content.

Today, if you find an interesting article online, you are soon likely to hit a paywall. This leaves you three options; to not read the article, work around the paywall or sign up for a subscription.

If the article is published in a newspaper you do not intend to read regularly (maybe a local newspaper from another part of the world), would you subscribe to read it? Probably not. But if there was an option of paying a one-time fee for this particular article, you are more likely to be willing to proceed.

Another challenge is how to let the media publisher allow readers to be anonymous if they want to, but still get paid and able to keep track of who has bought the access to see what content.

With the third part of the Superwallet, Keypasco solves the micropayment problem by combining identification and cryptocurrency. With Keypasco Micropayment, the end-user is always anonymous, but still able to come back and have access to the content they paid for.

To kick-start this very much-needed solution for anonymous micropayments, the first 1 million users will have their wallet pre-loaded with 100 KEYTO (about 5 USD). This will be given as a gift to each new user so that they can instantly start spending it on media services. Keypasco aims to have several major news providers offering their readers the instant pay & read service.

In this way, we can also get more people to experience the benefits of blockchain. Free independent media and knowledge dissemination is what we need for a more open world; with Keypasco’s Superwallet it becomes possible.

The reason why blockchain is so popular is that its immutable and decentralized nature offers new levels of security, cost reduction, speed, and transparency. We need more people to benefit from the advantages of blockchain technology.

Combined, the three solutions have every chance of getting 5 million users within the first 18 months. They will all be members of the community using the Keypasco Superwallet for their daily needs. User-friendly, secure, insured and anonymous – a solution for the future!

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