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The dream of just one login is closer than you think

Are you tired of passwords? You’re not alone! Let´s face it, how many different logins do you have? Probably one for every e-commerce and online service provider you have ever used. How many of these do you remember when you need them? Maybe you have resigned and reuse the same one everywhere or simply make a reset every time? How much frustration and bad conscience does this cause you? Probably more than necessary!

In Sweden they have come a bit along the way with a common system. The Swedish mobile bankID is used by about 7 million out of 10 million Swedes. The Swedish mobile bankID is used for everything from signing banking transactions and payments to tax declarations and ID access to different government systems. Despite its success and usability, it has its shortcomings. It only works if you are a Swedish citizen, and you are always fully identified – which is not always a good thing, especially not on a system based on anonymity like blockchain. However, the Swedish company Keypasco has figured out a way to make this kind of solution work globally for both blockchain and traditional Internet solutions.

KeypascoID is a blockchain based ID solution that uses Keypasco’s patented and proven technology. It is a user-friendly distributed Federated Single Sign On Service (SSO) that can provide end-users secure access to online service providers, both on blockchain and on the traditional Internet market with just one ID.

The solution has also combined anonymity and known identification in the same service. In this way you can be anonymous when you want to, and securely identified when you need to. The KeypascoID can be applied in three different levels. At level 3, the user is completely anonymous, at Level 2 the user is identified, and at level 1, the user is identified and issued a national electronic ID – suitable to make legal digital signatures. Regardless of level, no user information will ever be stored on blockchain, nor on the Keypasco server. And it is always the end-user who has full control over who can identify him or her.

Vision a future without all the passwords, where you can easily log in everywhere, and make secure payments wherever you want to – anonymous or not. With KeypascoID this future is within reach.

Keypasco´s Public Sale is handled by one of the most trusted ICO platforms, Tokeny. The Luxembourg based fintech is the only company dedicated to providing a secure end-to-end platform allowing the sale and management of tokens during and after an ICO or STO.

Invest in a more convenient future, Get your KEYOTOs today!

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