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Keep your digital assets safe

Keypasco’s Superwallet can solve theft of digital properties on blockchain

Blockchain technology is here to stay; yet the available security solutions are still substandard. Only this year, cryptocurrency worth millions, or even billions of dollars have been stolen. Now Keypasco is on a mission to secure all digital assets on blockchain.

The Keypasco team has been working with e-banking security since the 1990s. Today our products provide mobile security to millions of users across the world. Among our customers are banks, and other companies that require a state-of-the-art security solution.

The security of digital assets on blockchain relies entirely on the protection of the private keys. Today there are two options: A hot wallet – a mobile app or centrally stored in a database or a cold wallet – a hardware token like a USB-key.

In both cases, the complete private keys are stored somewhere. The problem is that hackers can always find a way to steal those private keys. Then the digital assets related to them are gone forever.

Keypasco has a patented solution that solves the private key protection problem in a unique way. The private key is divided into two parts. The parts are then stored completely separated, one on the Keypasco server, and one in the mobile app. In this way, the private key does not exist in its entirety anywhere in the world.

Based on this technology, the Keypasco Superwallet mobile app offers secure storage of the private keys, and recovery when they are lost. The Keypasco security solution has been proven to be extremely reliable, and to further protect the end-users; the blockchain solution even includes an insurance to cover eventual loss.

With Keypasco’s Superwallet you can secure your digital assets on blockchain, while being easy to use for payments, and with the insurance you have a fall-back guarantee.

Why worry about losing your digital assets when there are solutions?

Keypasco´s Public Sale is handled by one of the most trusted ICO platforms, Tokeny. The Luxembourg based fintech is the only company dedicated to providing a secure end-to-end platform allowing the sale and management of tokens during and after an ICO or STO.

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