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First Mile lists the Keypasco Token, KEYOTO

The Taiwanese ICO platform First Mile has listed the Keypasco ICO as one of their first ICO listings. This is a new platform connecting investors to highly interesting investment projects.

First Mile is a decentralized matching platform for accredited investors and ICO teams. This private fundraising platform for selected ICO projects uses the ERC20 token standard. The aim is to support excellent ICO projects in the private fundraising phase to reach global accredited investors. Accredited investors can select the projects they like to support, and then make the investment with ETH coins.

For the investors this is a chance to never miss an opportunity to invest and a possibility to get best deals with much lower uncertainty and risk. They can also save both time and money and seal the deal without long negotiation and costly investigation.

When First Mile heard of Keypasco’s blockchain solution they immediately saw the potential of it. Their interest led to an engagement for it to be one of the first projects offered on the new platform

Blockchain technology is here to stay. What blockchain really is, to many, is still unclear. However, it is time to focus on the usage and the advantages rather than the technology itself (Today, who really cares about how the Internet works technically?) With this in mind, Keypasco will develop an easy-to-use blockchain-based security solution for the present and future. Keypasco´s blockchain solution or Superwallet will solve the issues concerning secure private key storage & recovery, anonymous & known user identification, and micropayments. The Keypasco security solution has been proven to be extremely reliable, to further protect the end-users, the solution even includes an insurance to cover eventual loss.

This idea has gained huge interest from investors during the last month’s road show and reputable investors like China’s number one angel investor, Charles Xue, also known by his alias Xue Manzi, and the Chairman of World Blockchain Organization Strategic Investment Council, Gavin Xu has already committed both financially and knowledgeably in the project.

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